EYEVIDO Eye tracking seminar

Eye tracking analyses help you find out what customers perceive on the screen and how they interact with the content. You can use this information to optimize the design of your products. Based on the eye tracking data you can channel the attention of viewers, convey information more efficiently and improve the usability of your product. In this way you turn visitors into customers and new customers into returning existing customers.
In our practical seminar we will introduce you to the technology and the evaluation options. Learn how to conduct eye tracking studies, evaluate them and integrate them permanently into your development processes.
We shed light on this exciting topic from different perspectives and provide you with valuable, tried and tested tips. You can try out the eye tracking technology on site. Afterwards, our speakers will be happy to answer all your questions in a relaxed round table atmosphere.

Next seminar: 29 August 2018

We were able to win experts as speakers, among others Stefica Sosic reports about the introduction of eye tracking in the Deutsche Bank.


  • Jürgen Bluhm, eye tracking expert and guest lecturer at the Hochschule München, Institute for Perceptual Research.
  • Dr. Tina Walber, CEO of EYEVIDO GmbH, eye tracking expert and usability engineer.
  • Stefica Sosic, Deutsche Bank, coordinator CustomerLab and UX expert.

Date: 29 August 2018, 9:30 - 17:00

Location: Digital Factory der Deutschen Bank, Adolph-Prior-Straße 11, 65936 Frankfurt

Seminar fee: 390 Euro plus VAT (290 Euro plus VAT for EYEVIDO customers). The price includes meals during the day and seminar documentation.


seminar programme 29 August 2018

seminar programme

seminar registration 29 August 2018

seminar registration

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